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New Year, New Chapter

We have learned so much from last year and we are so excited about this new year! With all progress and every challenge we experience and explore, there is always opportunities to improve and grow. We have set our minds on being better, more productive and efficient pecan farmers. We could not be who we are without God, our family, friends, colleagues and the support from our customers. Thank you all!

Re-cap of last year:

  • Bought and installed Savage equipment for cracking, shelling and packaging plant

  • Purchased new packaging for our pecans and we now offer 3 different options available; halves, halves & pieces and pieces.

  • Bought and installed new blower system on kernel and shell waste system.

  • Bought a MF 3635 low profile tractor for harvesting

  • Planted 390 tress combined of Caddo and Kanza trees

  • Bought all pipe and system equipment for our zone 6 irrigation

  • Re-built tractor house twice, due to storms

  • Cleared and destumped 26 acres at our Harris farm, our grand parents old homestead.

  • Cut timber on 85 acres of Harris homestead land

  • Harvested approximately 18k pounds of pecans from October through December 2023.

We have been busy!!!

Our goal is to be more involved this year in learning how to build more relationships and support our existing ones. We are committed to serving and being the best at all we do. If we do everything, as unto the Lord, he will be faithful, for we serve a faithful God. PTL!

Have a blessed 2024!

The Futral Family

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