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German Shorthaired Pointers

Meet Gretchen, our GSP. Anyone who has owned a GSP will tell you that there is something special about this breed. GSPs are a unique mix of extra-ordinary. There is a mix of extraordinary hunting ability, keen intelligence, endearing and occasionally exasperating personality traits, deep loyalty and affection, physical beauty and toughness, and a tolerance for human folly. These dogs require a lot of open space to run regularly and do NOT do well in isolation. They thrive on human contact and affection. They are extremely intelligent and playful. I firmly believe that they do best as an in-door dog living life as part of a family or social unit. Their true loyalties will a always lay with their owner and family.

As a hobby breeder, I choose not to sell our puppies to those who intend to raise them purely as outside dogs. I personally believe that these situations are not a suitable fit for this breed.

We hope that you have found this little bit of insight helpful. We encourage you to do your research on the breed before you decide on a GSP puppy. So many end up in shelters because the buyer did not know what they were committing to beforehand. We are here for questions, should you have any about GSPs. We will do our best to help you find the answers. We have some great resources to help you get your answers. For more information, check out our "About GSPs Before You Adopt" on our website under the Pointer tab.

Thanks for reading our blog today about GSPs!

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