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Our Hours are Changing…

Our hours are changing to better serve our community and to keep our customers safe, happy and enjoying fresh pecans. We will now offer cracking and shelling services by appointment only. You can call us at 256-449-9608 to make your appointment or with questions about our services.

If you’re needing to purchase pecans, which we still have plenty of, you can easily use our website to order and pay using Once you place your order, we will contact you using the information provided to let you know when your order is ready for pick up or mail them out to you via USPS if you are not local.

We are growing! We are blessed to have our business thriving and we sure could not do it without our customers, family and our team of employees.

Thanks so much for supporting our small business! We appreciate you and look forward to serving each of you for many years to come.

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