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Sharing Pecan Recipes

Good morning, folks! Happy First Day of September!

We only have 21 days until the first day of FALL! There's nothing diving into like an old recipe that has been tried and true for generations (especially when they include pecans!) during this upcoming season. So, as we get ready for fall, there are a few recipes we have been keeping our eye on to try. We would love to share them with you! So, without further ado, here's the goods!

We would love to hear your family's favorite way of using pecans, whether it's baking, cooking, or just eating them straight out of the bag! Please leave the recipes in the comments if you wish to share. If we find anymore recipes that look amazing, we'll put them in the comments, too! Happy Baking!

**We do not own the rights to these images, they were found using the internet and old cookbooks.

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