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We have been very busy with weddings and engagements, but now we can start refocusing...

Sometimes our distractions are so great that we fail to give 100% to EVERYTHING. Well, I think I can safely say this is a statement that everyone can relate to in life. We recently have married off our youngest daughter, our son got engaged, our grandson turned 2 years old and our youngest grandson is about to have his first birthday. We have been putting together plans for our Fall harvest, more pecans and more help, and also a land expansion of 16 more acres which will allow us to plant more trees in late 2022 or possibly 2023.

I think it's safe to say that we are praying and asking the Lord for direction and guidance, blessings and mercy, and His favor on all of the mentioned above. We know full well that He will always be there, if we will seek Him.

We hope that you will return back to our website with excitement and understanding as we continue to keep you all updated on the events as they all unfold.

Stay tuned and thanks again for your patronage and understanding.


Futral Farms

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